Safety Consultancy

Danger SignThe work which the practice has done has included:

  • Investigation of medical equipment malfunctions
  • Investigation of chemical accidents to hospital patients and staff
  • Investigation of chemical and occupational injuries
  • Investigation of public liability accidents
  • Investigation of building failures
  • Investigation of chemical nuisance cases
  • Investigation of chemical environmental damage.

The types of clients include:

  • Insurers of workplaces
  • Lawyers representing litigants with technical types of claims
  • Lawyers representing litigants with occupational injury claims
  • Loss Adjusters and Public Loss Assessors
  • Industrial Clients which use substances and their Insurers
  • Agricultural and miscellaneous clients and their insurers
  • Manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of products equipment and materials
  • Hospitals and Insurers of Hospitals
  • Individuals who have suffered personal injuries
  • Persons who are experiencing dust and fume exposures.

The types of work for the clients include:

  • Forensic Science and Forensic Engineering
  • Physical inspection of materials and facilities
  • Taking photographs and measurements of the accident scene and the articles involved
  • Site sampling and testing
  • Commissioning and evaluating the results of analysis laboratory work
  • Desk research
  • Reviews of the scientific literature
  • Preparation of reports
  • Giving evidence in the courts of law as an Expert Witness.
  • Interpretation of statutory requirements or published safety guidelines and evaluation of compliance.