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Joe O’Neill

Joseph R. O’Neill B.E., C.Eng., F.I.E.I., M.I.M.I., Eur. Ing., Dipl. Toxicol.
Toxicologist and Chartered Engineer

Joe O'Neill
Joe O’Neill is a graduate of University College Dublin in Mechanical Engineering and a graduate of Trinity College Dublin in Toxicology.

During the early part of his career he carried out research in the fields of heat transfer and thermodynamics in the University of Strathclyde for two and a half years. He then returned to Ireland and worked in maintenance and in Process Industry Project work for four and a half years. This was followed by three years work in the construction industry. Subsequently he worked in manufacture of automotive components involving chemical processes.

He has been a consultant since 1980. This work has included product design and advisory work, however, most of the work has been in the Health and Safety field. He works as principal with his associates in a practice under the name of Joseph O’Neill and Associates. The practice is well resourced with a relevant scientific library and a range of sampling and test equipment.

Mr. O’Neill was made a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland in 1992 and he qualified in the Advanced Diploma in Toxicology in Trinity College, Dublin in 1997. In 1998 he was presented with the Rhone Poulenc gold medal for Toxicology following his studies in Trinity College, Dublin.